Monday, July 5, 2010

Bonjour, Blair & Serena

     This weekend was great - I spent a lot of time eating, jet-skiing and being out on the lake. The tall cakes I made with my mom Friday night definitely were less than post-worthy so I'm just going to skip those and hopefully I'll have better luck with the next recipe! Here's a few pictures from my weekend:
{What I'm Wearing}
One-shoulder top: Forever 21
Jeans: Delia*s
     Now onto a real post: here's a few shots of Leighton Meester & Blake Lively shooting Gossip Girl in Paris this morning! Their clothes are to die for, literally...But what's up with Blair's patterns? Thankfully, the fourth season starts September 13!


  1. i love love love!!!!! gossip girl!!!

  2. looks like you had a great weekend, and a good 4th! your pictures were so fun to look at! :)

    the gossip girl pictures you posted...oh my. blair and serena's fashion IS to die for! amazing. i don't usually keep up with gossip girl, but i will definitely try to tune in this fall. just for the fashion. haha!

    thank you for the kind comment by the way! i also really love your blog. --and your banner is so adorable! i love the color you chose for the text.


  3. Your blog is sooo cute, I'll definitely be following!
    First of all, love your one shoulder f21 top! I spent my 4th lakeside too, it was so relaxing and fun.
    I am a huge fan of gossip girl as well. Serena's green dress is amazing.

  4. If I see those pictures I can't wait till september the 13th! Love those chlothes!
    Love your blog and I am a follower now!

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