Sunday, July 25, 2010


     Hi all, sorry for the lack of posts yesterday! I'm off to Chicago this morning and I'll be back for a quick post Wednesday, then off to New York for a long weekend. The last few days I've just been working and getting together with friends, although I did spend a day in Ann Arbor (I can't wait to move back in September!) for the art fair. I'll leave you with a few things I've found interesting/cute/inspiring over the last week or two:
  • How sassy is this lace dress? If anyone else was wearing this it'd be trashy, but somehow this woman looks so chic...
  • My Wonderful World of Fashion: click here to see select pages featured in this grown-up coloring book for the fashion-inclined
  • Oh, how I love a well-dressed man (I couldn't resist putting him in here)
  • I would die to tour Etsy's headquarters
  • One of my favorite bloggers, Melissa, wrote about this inspiration "Take A Chance" wall at Cheree Berry Paper that Kate Spade helped design. 
  • These guys would be so fun to hang out with for a day...
Have a wonderful next few days!


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  2. I love that lace dress it's so chic! Nice blog, I'm following :)


  3. haha that woman does look so chic! i love it! and love your blog!