Friday, August 6, 2010

Life is beautiful, dress accordingly

Derek Heart Romper

     I finally bought a new bike! I'll no longer be riding my mom's old dusty bike from the eighties, hooray. I would never ride a mountain bike so this beach cruiser is perfect for riding after dinner and up at school. It has the brakes on the pedals (like on the bikes we all rode as little kids), so it's slightly nostalgic of being eight again, and I love it. 

     I always get into moods where I wear the same jewelry over and over and lately I've become re-infatuated with my gold and silver chain necklace because I can wear it with everything. I've been pairing it with my nameplate necklace.
Matching rings
Bow ring from Aldo
Chain necklace with rhinestones & Jill nameplate necklace!

Happy Friday!


  1. i love your rings!
    and i love your bike! i just recently sold my beach cruiser, because i never really used it. and i miss it so much!!

    i hope you're having a great friday!

  2. I love your bike! I'm dying to get an old-school one (Truth is, I really want a tandem bike, but I have no one to ride it with!). Anyhow, have a wonderful Friday!

    Amber Rose