Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Quote Books & Moodboards

     For a few years I've had a tumblr (lovecycle) and I use it as a way to save pictures, quotes and videos that I love. Recently though, I've been thinking about my favorite quotes and I started writing them down in a quote book...It's just a small notebook that I've had. After finishing it (I have A LOT of favorite quotes, it won't take too long) I'm going to dig out my inspiration book that I started a few years ago and continue with that. I love the concept of inspiration boards/moodboards, so why not have one that I can take everywhere with me? 
page one

P.S. I'm making a new recipe tonight so I'll be posting it soon!


  1. I have a small inspiration book as well, though it's mostly full of spur-of-the-moment song lyrics♥