Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ann Arbor Homegrown Festival

     Tonight I went to the Homegrown Festival at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market with my roommates and some friends. There was a TON of food - Zingermans (featured on Oprah, for those of you not from Michigan), tamales, Slow's BBQ, organic pizza. I tried a lot of free samples (including pasta, jelly, honey, tomato and pesto bread), but the worst by far was acorn pancakes. Ugh, I'm sorry to the people who made them, but they were awful. I also got (and liked!) horchata, a Mexican rice drink; and a Zingerman's ice cream sandwich with vanilla gelato. Here's a few pictures from tonight...
So many people...



  1. yes. love free samples. costco is the best! and acron pancakes? just the name souds a little shady.