Friday, March 11, 2011


After a few weeks off, my Friday charity post is back!
      I've always had a thing for canvas bags because not only are they sturdy, but you can find some really cute ones out there (my favorite is one that says "If the shoe fits..." with a picture of a giant shoe. $4.99, total score). Instead of paying for an resusable shopping bag from a grocery store, check out the bags from Africa Bags. It's a nonprofit started by a woman named Holly Petitt and her husband that is dedicated to providing the people in Malawi the skills necessary to make reusable bags, purses and backpacks. The canvas totes run as little as $7.00, and absolutely all of the profits go back to Malawi (there are currently seven villages participating).
     One really cool thing about Africa Bags is that each bag is signed by the village that made it on the inside edge, and you can look up each village on the website to find out more about it and what the money raised is helping do. The organization also offers ways to get involved with micro-lending (think Kiva).
Beach bag
P.S. On a related note, a few months back I blogged about the online design mag, Lonny. The March/April 2011 issue just went live last night, and they did a great interview with Lauren Bush, the CEO and founder of FEED (the organization that sells the FEED canvas bags!). Check it out here!

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