Tuesday, March 8, 2011


     Hey friends, I'm back from Miami. Actually, I've been back for a few days now, but my stress level has skyrocketed so my blog has fallen a bit behind. Miami was a great time and now that I'm back to thirty degree weather, the beach pictures seem like a dream.
     This was my first time to Miami, and - oh man - there was a lot that I'd wish I'd known before going. But there was no drama and no major disasters (besides one friend missing his flight there) so everything went well. I'll just share a few pictures tonight, and I'll do a more in-depth travel post later this week featuring great food, the places to go (and not to go!) and a few tips. 
First day on the beach...
Ocean Drive
Dash Miami (located next door to our hotel)!


  1. can't wait to see more pics :) you look great here!

  2. you went to DASH! so awesome!
    i'm glad you had a fun time! what did you not expect about Miami that surprised you?
    for me, i was surprised about all those restaurants along ocean drive that almost heckled you to eat there! and a lot of them had similar menus and drinks. (luckily i ended up eating at a much nicer place that wasn't like that!)

  3. The restaurants on Ocean Drive were a big surprise for me too - I can't believe how in your face they are! But I also thought it'd be a lot cleaner (like on the streets), Ocean Drive and Collins were nice but after that it seemed to be a lot more garbage everywhere. Then again, it could have just been were I was staying! Where did you stay when you were there (I definitely checked out your Miami post before I went!)?