Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday #3

Just a few things that I've been eyeing...
1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Bobbies, $28 - Perfect for pinning back your bangs to stay cool in the summer.
2. MAC Viva Glam GaGa Lipstick, $14 - The only lipstick I ever wear is a shade similar to this color by Sephora. I've read a few reviews (here and here) and I've decided I'm going to buy it when I go out this weekend. It came out a few months ago but I'm always hesitant to buy lipstick because I already have a few that I use and they last a long time, but all proceeds go towards HIV/AIDS so I can't pass that up!
3. Philosophy Senorita Margarita, $16 - This 3-in-1 body wash/shampoo/conditioner is great for taking on vacation, since we all hate hotel shampoo.
4. Queen of...Ooh La La! Shaving Gel, $4 at drugstores - This gel contains pure aloe vera, rarely found in less-expensive products.
5. Proclaim Olive Spray-On Glosser, $8.29 - My stylist used this the last time I highlighted my hair and it really helped with frizz and fly-aways.


  1. I so want to try that Philosophy Senorita Margarita!

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