Monday, August 2, 2010

What I Wore: NYC Edition

     I'm back from New York and I had a wonderful weekend in the city visiting my friend, Jordan. It was so nice of her to have me stay and it was definitely a much needed break! She is super cute and has great style and so here are a few pictures of what we wore while in the city. I decided this weekend that I have a serious problem - everything that I wear is from Forever 21. So, instead of labeling every picture with what I wore, the only things that aren't F21 are the pink dress in the third picture, which is from H&M as blogged about here). Tomorrow I'll be posting about food in NYC!
We visited Rockafeller Center & did a little shopping... 
Friday night we saw Promises, Promises starring Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenoweth. I loved it! It was really cute and Sean Hayes was hilarious. Plus we snagged $30 student rush tickets, so it was definitely worth it.
On our way to see Charlie St. Cloud (don't judge!) followed by dessert (or desserts in our case) at ABC Kitchen. How cute is Jordan's outfit?! I LOVE her denim shirt + chunky necklace combo.
Hanging out in Chinatown & Little Italy!

      On a more random note, I have a lot of posts planned out - more book reviews, my "happiness project," some crafty things I have made lately, and of course...fall fashion. In a few weeks I'll be back at school and I hope that some of my fashionista friends will let me borrow a few of their fashion secrets as well as post pictures of their outfits. 


  1. you are always so cute! i absolutely adore your outfits!! woo hoo!!

  2. Ahh so Jealous ! !!
    I love little Italy... its like my favorite place in New York.. the pizza is AMAZING !

    care to follow me back ?

    alice h

  3. YOU ARE TOO CUTE. thanks for the post :)
    I wish you were still here!!!

  4. NYC is amazing! I recently visited as well, this summer, actually! Anyhow, your blog is lovely. Following:)

    I'd love it if you could stop by my blog as well, maybe follow me back?

    Amber Rose,