Sunday, November 28, 2010


     About two years ago I went to Middle Kingdom in Ann Arbor for the first time. BEST Chinese food I've ever eaten, not that I've eaten tons in my life, but it's by far the best I've had outside of Chintatown in NYC. Last weekend my roommate and I took our brothers there (it also just so happened to be on our list of things to do) and we all gorged ourselves. I just ordered appetizers (scallion pancakes and the crab rangoon were my favorite!) but everyone else got entrees and they are huge! But so worth it when you have leftovers for lunch the next day. 
     Continuing with my Chinese food theme, one my favorite recipes is BBQ Pot Stickers by the Neely's. It's an American twist on Chinese food that turns out to be delicious and not as hard as you'd expect. They're a favorite at family get togethers and it's nice because you can easily switch up the spices and barbeque sauce you use to tailor it to what you like. 

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