Thursday, December 23, 2010


     A little late, and I apologize. However, if you're like me and the rest of my family, we're still doing our shopping!

1. Urban Outfitters Desert Boot, $58 - I just bought my boyfriend a pair of desert boots (although not from UO) for his birthday. GREAT shoes for a guy. 
2. Bobby Flay's Throwdown Recipes, $17 - I feel like every guy should know how to cook, even if its just a few recipes. Who better to learn from than Bobby Flay? 
3. Home Beer-Tap System, $290 - What guy wouldn't want this? No explanation is necessary for this one.
4. Mix Tape Pillow Case Set, $25 - These are my favorite on this list! Such a unique gift. 
5. Urban Outfitters Mass Wayfarer, $18 - These are a classic. 
6. Time Squared LED Clock, $50 - Comes in red or blue, but I'm liking the blue better. 
7. Customizable Chuck Taylor All Stars, $62 - I love the idea of customizing your own shoes. 

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