Tuesday, March 15, 2011


     Ah, Miami. I definitely had a good trip, but as I mentioned in this post, there are a few things I wish I would have known. The weather was really good for the most part - it rained a little one night and was so so windy another, but overall not too bad. The thing that suprised me the most though was that it is a little bit of a dirty city. Now, I'm not trying to hate on Miami, but I just didn't expect there to be such a huge difference between the cleanliness of Ocean Drive (the street lining the beach) and the rest of the streets. Granted, it could have been the area that we stayed in. I was also really taken aback by how in-your-face the restaurants on Ocean Drive are - all they do is heckle you to eat there! And most of them are pretty much the same restaurant - similar atmosphere and food, so they all offer you happy hour deals. I'd skip these, to be honest. 
     Playing the silverware game at a restaurant called The Place. That game's such a mind trick. We had the boys going for a good hour, and some of them all night. As for the restaurant - definitely pass on this one. I had a burger and fries, which was really good, and the salads look pretty big, but the pasta dishes are around $13 and they don't give you very much food at all. All of the boys ordered pasta and were still hungry when we left. 
     Wet Willie's ended up being one of my favorites.  The food is typical bar food, but still good. There is an entire wall of cocktails, with TONS of flavors. They're famous for their "Call a Cab" drink that is incredibly strong -- one friend joked he needed to call an ambulance after. One good thing to know - they only take cash!
     Lincoln Road has a ton of great stores and a lot of restaurants - sushi, pizza, more upscale places, etc. It is also home of Shake Shack (my roommate introduced us to this after visiting the NY restaurants) and it's delicious. Their burgers are pretty typical of any that you'd find at a diner/shake place, but their concretes (aka flurries, Mcflurries, whatever you want to call them) are amazing. Each location has unique flavors - the Shark Attack (peanut butter, chocolate custard, chocolate sprinkles, cookie dough, dark chocolate) is sooo rich, but so good. I liked the Key Lime Pie Oh My. 
The famous News Cafe! It's open 24 hours and is home to the infamous Cuban coffee and egg benedict below!
So, so good. The hollandaise sauce is made with cream cheese!
     Some friends at Mansion Night Club. Mansion is huge and incredibly nice, but definitely pricey in comparison to clubs at home. You can tell there are a lot of tourists, but we went on a weeknight so I can imagine that it'd be pretty crazy on the weekends. 

     I had a great time in Miami, but I'm not sure I'd go back for a while, just because there are so many other places I love more and would still like to go. Next up on my list is Las Vegas and back to New York...