Thursday, April 28, 2011


      This morning I went to the International Women's Show. AKA one of the best things Michigan has to offer if you're a girl. It's a HUGE showplace filled with over a thousand exhibitors - ranging from health, fashion, food, massages (!), and beauty. Typically, there's a few celebrity guests - this year's being Jenna Bush. I saw Jenna speak, had her sign my copy of her book about a young woman living with HIV/AIDS (It's called Ana's Story - I highly recommend it) and got my hair done for free... Making friends with the hairdresser was the highlight of my day! One of my favorite trends that I saw was rhinestones that you can flat iron into your hair that last up to three weeks. I know feathers are the thing right now, but the rhinestones look a little more sophisticated.
     If you're in Michigan this weekend, I highly suggest you check the show out! It costs $9 at the door, but you can go to Kroger and get discount tickets for $7. It's a lot of fun and there's a ton of stuff to see!

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