Wednesday, May 11, 2011


     Last week I went to Leon and Lulu - an eclectic furniture/accessories/gift store that just so happens to be in an old roller rink. Employees wear roller skates and offer you popcorn while you shop. Leon, one of the dogs the store is named after, can be found wandering around too. I didn't end up buying anything (although I definitely see myself coming back when it comes time to redecorate), it was still fun to check out - a lot of it looked like things you would see on Etsy.
This is kind of weird but the bathrooms had toilets with real fish in them!
     That afternoon I went to Ginger's Cafe in Farmington with my mom. We both love to go to tea - it was our first time at Ginger's and although we both agreed it lacked a little in atmosphere, but the cinnamon chip scones were AMAZING. It was totally worth it just for those!

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  1. I seriously want to go here! Where is this? It looks super cute!